Podiumwear Customer Service

Customer Service

How to Place an Order with Podiumwear


First things first, create a Podiumwear user account on our website. Click the red "Customer Login" tab in the upper right corner of our homepage.  Next, click the red button labeled "Create New Account" and follow the prompts.

Once you've created an account, log in and click the red button labeled "Start an Order" from your user dashboard. 

1. CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD:  Select either Credit Card, Purchase Order or Team Storefront as your desired method of payment.  What is Team Storefront?  Click HERE for more information.  *Please note:  Large bulk team orders should not be placed via Team Storefront.  

  • Credit Card Orders:  A $200.00 deposit is required to start your order.  50% of your remaining total is charged once the order goes into production.  The remaining balance is charged during the last steps of production. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  We will also accept personal checks and school purchase orders (see Purchase Orders below).
  • Team Storefronts - Ship to Manager, Team Captain, or Coach:  No deposit is required, however a credit card number must be entered in order to start the order. This credit card will only be charged if the order is cancelled or the final storefront order does not meet our five-piece minimum Policy (see below). Team members place their orders individually and use their own credit cards to pay for the items they order.  There is a $5.00 processing charge added to each individual storefront checkout.
  • Team Storefronts - Drop Shipments to Individual Customers:  No deposit is required, however a credit card number must be entered in order to start the order. This credit card will only be charged if the order is cancelled or the final storefront order does not meet our five-piece minimum Policy (see below).Team members place their orders individually and use their own credit cards to pay for the items they order.  Items will be shipped directly to the individual team members rather than a single shipment to the storefront manager. There is a $10.00 processing fee added to each individual storefront checkout. This fee includes shipping costs.
  • Purchase Orders:  Orders that will be paid by check or purchase order must be approved through the Podiumwear office before they are confirmed.  Please select Purchase Order from the payment options when beginning your order, and then call the office for approval (651-330-2718).  We will invoice you accordingly. Purchase Orders must be paid in full before shipment of products.

2. NAMING YOUR ORDER: Your Organization's name will be auto-filled in the space provided.  Next, give your order a unique name - one that will allow you to quickly identify the contents of the order (For example: "Team X: 2019 Fall Skinsuits, Vests and Arm Warmers").

3. CHOOSE YOUR STYLES: Decide what styles you want to order and enter an estimated quantity in the space provided.  (Don't worry if you don't know the exact number yet.  You will be able to confirm actual quantities once you have approved your designs).  If you'd like help determining the best styles for your team, we are here for you!  Call us at 651-330-2718 and we can talk you through our various products and help you determine what styles will suit your team.

4. DESIGN IDEAS: Type a note to your Podiuwmear designer here.  Include as much information as you can about how you would like the design to look.  

5. LOGO & IMAGE SUBMISSION: Once your styles and design idea has been submitted and you have been given an order number, email any logos or images you wish to have incorporated into the design to design@podiumwear.com.  Include your order number in the subject line. 

6. SELECT FROM YOUR EXISTING DESIGNS (FOR RETURNING CUSTOMERS): If you have previously ordered with Podiumwear, you will find any designs from previous orders in this section. You may add these styles by clicking the small box in the red button marked "Order Style."

*Please note: If you wish to change the design in any way (for example, change a logo, color or some text) it will be considered NEW art and you will need to add this style/item to the "ORDER NEW STYLES" section (See Step 3).

7. EVENT DATE: Is your order needed by a specific date?  If so, please indicate the date you need it in-hands in the space provided. Entering a date here does not guarantee delivery by that date.  

8. RUSH ORDER:  To have the design and production of your apparel move at an accelerated rate to meet an event date, etc.. you may choose to RUSH your order.  Please communicate with us your preferred in-hands date when you request that an order be rushed. RUSH Orders incur either a $250 RUSH Order fee or a 25% of the order total RUSH Order fee; which ever amount is greater.  For Rush Processing, we also require payment for overnight shipping of a color swatch/mini-proof and request no more than one-revision to your design. 

9. BILLING & SHIPPING INFO:   Please enter complete and proper Billing and Shipping addresses for your order. We need an accurate shipping address for color proofs, color swatches, etc.  Any inaccurate or incomplete information may slow down the process.  *Please note: Regardless of payment method (storefront or otherwise) every order must have an organizational Billing and Shipping address. 

10. CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP: Click here to advance to the "Confirm NEW Order Creation" page.

11. CONFIRM NEW ORDER CREATION: Please review the order, agree to the 'Terms & Conditions' and submit your order by clicking "Confirm New Order."  You will receive an order confirmation via email when your order has been received by Podiumwear.  If you do not receive an email, your order has not been fully submitted. Please call 651-330-2718 if you need help.

Please note:  If you see something that must be changed or augmented, scroll to the bottom and click "Edit Order." Do not click "back" on your browser.

12. TEAM STOREFRONT ORDERS: Team Storefront orders will be prompted to select a delivery method.  You have two options: 

  • Ship to Manager, Team Captain or Coach:  This method will ship ALL ORDERS from the storefront to the organizational/institutional billing address provided by the point person.  All orders will be labeled with each customer's name for ease of distribution.  
  • Ship Directly to Team Memebers:  This method will ship each order from the storefront to the individual customer's specified shipping address.


so ... now what?

  • For orders with NEW Items not previously ordered, your designer has 5 business days to get you an initial design once you have sent in your initial artwork idea and vector logos to Podiumwear. Designers have 3 business days to get you any subsequent revision. Re-Orders with no new art can be posted immediately.

    *Remember, design time affects your ship date - so be aware that each request for revision causes a delay in production.  Clear and precise communication with your designer will keep revisions to a minimum and get your custom apparel in your hands quicker! (Podiumwear needs a minimum of 4 weeks to produce your order once the art/design process is finished.)

  • You will be prompted via email when a design has been posted for your approval.
  • Once you approve your art, you will be prompted to approve your colors.
  • Once your Art and Colors have both been approved (for every line item on your order), you will be prompted to enter your sizes.
  • Once your sizes have been entered, you will be prompted to confirm your "Final Sizes."
  • Once you have confirmed Final Sizes you will be prompted to "Confirm and Submit your order to Production."

NOTE: Your order is NOT being produced unless you receive an email confirming that your "Order has been Submitted to Production" and you have been given an Estimated Ship Date.  If you do not receive this email, please call us!

We are here to help!  You can call us for help at any time at 651-330-2718.