Soccer Apparel Pricing

All prices are in USD.

Build Your Team Kit:

Minimum requirements for kit discount = 2 jerseys, 1 short, 1 sock, 25 units
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Personalization Level:

Jerseys per Player:


Personalization Level:

Shorts per Player:


Personalization Level:

Socks per Player:

Discounted Kit Add-ons:

Shipping Method:

Price Purchased Individually: $130.00 Discounted Kit Price: $108.00

Add $10.00 per jersey for Keeper Jerseys

Individual Pricing

Style # Style Name Price
S101 Men's Soccer Jersey $40.00
S107 Men's Keeper's Jersey $50.00
S102 Men's Soccer Short $30.00
S114 Unisex Slim-Fit Hoodie $60.00
S103 Women's Soccer Jersey $40.00
S108 Women's Keeper's Jersey $50.00
S104 Women's Soccer Short $30.00
X201 Gold Level Soccer Sock $16.00
X202 Silver Level Soccer Sock $13.00
X203 Bronze Level Soccer Sock $10.00
S105 Child's Soccer Jersey $40.00
S106 Child's Soccer Short $30.00
S109 Child's Keeper's Jersey $50.00
S110 Soccer Training Jacket $90.00
S111 Soccer Training Pant $65.00
S112 Child's Soccer Training Jacket $90.00
S113 Child's Soccer Training Pant $65.00
S117 Child's Slim-Fit Hoodie $60.00
S116 Drawstring Bag $18.00
S115 Training Headband $15.00
R105 Men's V-Neck Tee $49.00
R106 Women's V-Neck Tee $49.00
R108 Child's Tech Tee $35.00
R120: Training Women's Loose-Fit Tank $55.00
B145 Men's Crew Neck LS Tee $65.00
N177: Training Men's Half-Zip Pullover $80.00
N178: Training Women's Half-Zip Pullover $80.00
N114 Coaches Softshell Jacket $180.00


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