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Summer Training

Race Suits

Jackets and Vests

Warm-Up Pants

Style #Style NamePrice
N427Unisex Gold Warm Up Pants$140.00
N430Women's Gold Warm Up Pants$140.00
N275Unisex Silver Warm Up Pants$110.00

Women's Specific

Nordic Accessories

Style #Style NamePrice
N211Pom Hat$25.00
N128Thermal Hat$25.00
N131Lightweight Hat$25.00
N132Lightweight Headband$20.00
N145Thermal Headband$20.00
N126Thermal Neck Cozy$20.00
N135Child's Thermal Hat$25.00
N110Race Bib$25.00
N136Official's Bib$25.00

Child's Nordic

Style #Style NamePrice
N415New Youth Nordic Jacket$110.00
N116 N117Nordic Child's Two-Piece Race Suit$120.00
N135Child's Thermal Hat$25.00
R108Child's Tech Tee$35.00
S117Child's Slim-Fit Hoodie$65.00


*Personalization is available for $10 a panel, if interested, please inquire when placing your order.


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